Some Fundamental Concepts of Geomorphology

Some Fundamental Concepts of Geomorphology - To study geomorphology comprehensively, we need understand about 10 important concepts. Because of the concepts, we can know various geomorphic phenomena in the World like process origins, characteristics, landform, history, terrain, etc..

Researcher in the geomorphology discipline always uses the basic concepts to ivestigate surface of the Earth. They can use various method and application (such as Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System) to know about recent phenomena such as landslide, tsunami, tidal inundation, eruption, flood, and other disasters in the World.
Some Fundamental Concepts of Geomorphology

Today, we will share about some basic concepts of geomorphology which is used to reference if we want to research about geomorphic phenomena. This concept comes from Thonbury in his book of Principles of Geomorphology. Thanks for attention.

Some Fundamental Concepts of Geomorphology

Concept 1. The same physical processes and laws that operate today operated throughout geologic time, although not necessarily always with the same intensity as now

Concept 2. Geologic structure is a dominant control factor in the evolution of land forms and is reflected in them

Concept 3. To a large degree the earth’s surface possesses relief because the geomorphic process operate at differential rates

Concept 4. Geomorphic processes leave their distinctive imprint upon land forms, and each geomorphic process develops its own characteristic assemblage of land forms

Concept 5. As the different erosional agents act upon the earth’s surface there is produced an orderly sequence of land forms

Concept 6. Complexity of geomorphic evolution is more common than simplicity

Concept 7. Little of the earth’s topography is older than Tertiary and most of it no older than Pleistocene

Concept 8. Proper interpretation of present-day landscapes is impossible without a full appreciation of the manifold influences of the geologic and climatic changes during the Pleistocene

Concept 9. An appreciation of world climates is necessary to a proper understanding of the varying importance of the different geomorphic processes

Concept 10. Geomorphology, although concerned primarily with present-day landscapes, attains its maximum usefulness by historical extension.

Thonbury W.D., 1969, Principles of Geomorphology, John Willey and Sons, New York

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